Nadja Maleh

"Florian Burscha is everything you could wish for in a good technician: reliable, competent, flexible and calm in person in every situation! He has been with me on my cabaret tours throughout Austria for many years - in every house and at every desk he manages to make the best of light and sound. In addition, he is a lovable person, what more could you ask for!”


- Nadja Maleh, cabaret artist, author, trainer

M4M Eventtechnik

Vinyl & Music

It's easy to explain why we at Vinyl & Music work with FlowBu Sounds: EVERYTHING is just right: the price, the quality, the service. The sound anyway! And, when things get stressful, Mr. FlowBu himself "stays cool" and finds a solution!


- Till "the man with the hat" Philippi

Vision Project

We only want to work with the best and have been for years!

(in table football they're a little weak...)


- Mike Burian, CEO

Monika Zöchling

Professional and uncomplicated - just get on stage and get started! It is always a pleasure to work with Florian.


- Monika Zöchling, singer


"For the first time I heard the horn sound in a live setup and the feedback from the audience was awesome!"


"perfectly balanced with the electronic sounds"


- Juliane, saxophones

Douglas Linton & the Plan Bs

"In addition to being a genuinely friendly and helpful person, Flo has a talent for mixing the sound so you hear in your head what you hear in your head."


- Douglas Linton, singer & songwriter


"Who's the most important member in a rock band? Right, the sound engineer. No matter how hard you rock on stage, if the mix is bad, your fans won't have the right experience. So it's clear to work only with the best - and Flo is the best. He accompanied us at "normal" festivals and also 120m underground, but he always had the finest mix for us.  Flo is focused and band-oriented at his work and the artist is always in his center of his attention. By the way he helped out while two cars broke down during our Tour and drove the band around with his own car - Awesome!"

- Gerfried Aigner, guitarist

EnTech Alliance

LURA Media