Theatre & Musical

FlowBu Sounds is your go-to partner for theater and musicals. Sound design and live mixing for small productions with audio tracks up to "big stage" productions with band or orchestra, we can answer all questions professionally.

Luisenburg-Festspiele 2021 (GER)

Head of Audio

  • Der Watzmann ruft
  • Pinocchio
  • Im Namen der Rose
  • Faust I
  • Der Brandnerkasper kehrt zurück

Luisenburg-Festspiele 2020 (GER)

Head of Audio


Corona hit the festival pretty hard  and so we had to switch to an alternative program with "LuisenburgXtra". The theater management also decided not to use the big stage and so we build a small stage in the auditorium in the spirit of Corona. The concerts were approved well by our audience and with our Corona-distance-concept we were well sold.

Luisenburg-Festspiele 2019 (GER)

Sound Engineer – Front of House

  • Madagaskar
  • Shakespeare in Love
  • Die Päpstin

Luisenburg-Festspiele 2018 (GER)

Sound Engineer  – Front of House

  • Das Dschungelbuch
  • My Fair Lady

Schlossfestspiele Biedenkopf 2018 (GER)

Sound Engineer - Front of House


In 2017 I had my major musical debut in Germany in close collaboration with Birgit Simmler & Paul Graham Brown.