Nadja Maleh

Musik an - Welt aus! Best of SONGS & Kabarett  – 2021 / 2022

Best of Kabarett – 2020 / 2021 / 2022

Hoppala – 2018 / 2019 / 2020

Placebo – 2016 / 2017


„Musik an – Welt aus!“  

Best-Of Songs: Nadja Maleh in Concert mit Gitarrist Bernd Alfanz


The award-winning cabaret artist Nadja Maleh not only loves cabaret. She also loves music. (Even more than chocolate, and that's saying something!) That's why the versatile artist has teamed up with her favorite guitarist Bernd Alfanz for a "Best-Of Songs" - program: The best songs of all her solos -plus some new songs, embedded in between cabaret presentations and sketches, interpreted in the usual humorous manner à la Maleh. What are the new rules of the game for this new time and how can we sing the world beautifully?! (Because slowly it's just getting too expensive to drink the world beautifully! :)

From atmospheric chansons to Wienerlied, from bossa nova to swing - the tone makes the music! In Maleh's case, Bernd makes the music, guitar live on stage: Bernd Alfanz.


Musik an – Welt aus ... at least for one evening with Nadja Maleh!

Musik und Lachen – what else?